ProVideo consultation services include comprehensive client project evaluation and review. We develop design criteria consistent with outlined goals supporting forward compatibility and operational budgetary constraints.

Facility Design

ProVideo engineers are knowledgeable of architectural issues for A/V systems in applications such as, corporate boardrooms, classroom technology, auditoriums, house of worship, government, sport arena venues and broadcast applications.

Electronic Systems Design

Incorporated within the system design, ProVideo engineers address audio, video, data control, signal distribution, format conversion, routing, automation, audio/video streaming and satellite technologies. We take pride in developing a comprehensive equipment package in support of our client’s needs, desires and budgetary constraints to include: equipment specifications, rack elevations, inter-connectivity, equipment bid specifications, overall system CAD documentation and system proof-of-performance.

Project Management

Typically, ProVideo acts as overall “project manager” coordinating multiple activities. When the electronic system is but a part of the total project, we can act as “area manager” in concert with other on-site construction management teams, facilities staff, architect and general contractor.